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Kowalski’s Pickles

Home of Nova Scotia Dills

…are hand-selected, hand-cut, and hand-packed.

Made from cucumbers and garlic grown in Nova Scotia.

“My first taste took me back 50 years to when my Mom made dills back in the 60’s … you nailed it, Bill!”

Robert H.

Mahone Bay, N.S.

Introducing our newest product… so hot they’ll make you cry!

In fact, don’t even buy them. You can’t handle it. No, seriously. Forget you even saw this.

Recent Press

Kowalski’s Pickles were featured on CTV Live at 5 on July 5, 2017, in a barbecue segment with our friends at Pete’s Fine Foods! Click here to see the whole video.

Check out this great article by Janice Middleton on Kowalski’s Pickles in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald!

Here’s a great piece about the story behind Kowalski’s Pickles!




“Please tell Bill [Kowalski] that those pickles are unbelievable. Other pickle makers should be jealous because he has the secret.”

Jill B.

Halifax, N.S.

Kowalski’s Pickles are available at:

Pete’s Fine Foods

Halifax, N.S.

Anyone who (A) knows food and (B) has been to Halifax will know of Pete’s. It needs no introduction. Any food producer whose wares are found at Pete’s has arrived on the culinary scene, and as of this May, we at Kowalski’s Pickles are delighted to count ourselves among that number. Even such notable chefs as Bonnie Stern know and love Pete’s! And so will you.

Pete’s Fine Foods

Bedford, N.S.

Pete’s has another location in Bedford! Same great stuff… including our pickles.

Harbord Bakery and Calandria

Toronto, ON

One of Toronto’s best-known places to get all kinds of delectable goodies! This culinary institution has been in business since 1929, so they really know a good pickle when they meet one. We are beyond thrilled to be found on their shelves.

Fisherman’s Picnic General Store

Lunenburg, N.S.

These people really know how to picnic! This beautiful specialty grocery store was just what Lunenburg needed. It brings together lots of the gourmet products that are available throughout Nova Scotia and the South Shore under one roof, so you don’t have to go hunting! Lunenburg is a major tourist destination, so we are sure they’ll do a booming business!

Local Source Market

2530 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS

From their website: “Local Source aims to try to flow with the seasons. Our goal is to help boost the local economy and to foster a vibrant and dynamic food culture in Nova Scotia.” We could not agree more than helping to create a strong network of local food producers is a hugely important endeavor, and these good folks have thrown themselves wholeheartedly behind their mission! We’re proud to be on the shelves at Local Source Market.

Jo-Ann’s Market Deli Bakery

Mahone Bay, N.S.

Jo-Ann’s Market is a Mahone Bay institution. For many years now, it’s been a hugely popular stopping place for people passing through our town as they tour the beautiful South Shore. Fresh Nova Scotia produce and a mind-boggling assortment of baked goods tempt all who pass through the front door, not to mention amazing deli items, specialty groceries, fresh coffee, and a large variety of ice cream. Kowalski’s Pickles will be flying off the shelves when they open in mid-May of 2017!

The Barn

Mahone Bay, N.S.

The Barn is Mahone Bay’s newest and hottest spot for delicious coffee drinks, tantalizing pastries, comfortable socializing, and a wide variety of preserves, all made by Helen B’s. In fact, Mike and Amelia Bishop, owners of Helen B’s, are also the proprietors of this energetic new business. These guys never sleep. They’re big fans of our pickles, and have been selling them like crazy. Come visit!

The Port Grocer

Port Medway, N.S.

The Port Grocer is a fantastic spot for foodies to discover. Port Medway itself punches far above its weight in the culture department, being home to the Port Medway Readers’ Festival every summer since 2002. No trip to this charming village is complete without stopping in for lunch or dinner at the Port Grocer, with its sophisticated menu featuring fresh, local ingredients… and now our pickles!

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