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…are hand-selected, hand-cut, and hand-packed.

Made from cucumbers grown in Nova Scotia.




“Please tell Bill [Kowalski] that those pickles are unbelievable. Other pickle makers should be jealous because he has the secret.”

Jill B.

Halifax, N.S.

Kowalski’s Pickles are available at:

Peasant’s Pantry

New Ross, N.S.

Joseph Crocker offers delicious homemade sandwiches, insanely good fries (try the homemade sour cream and onion dust!), smoked bacon, homemade sausages, and lots of other fantastic items. All of these are perfectly complemented by our pickles! Visit Peasant’s Pantry online.

The Port Grocer

Port Medway, N.S.

The Port Grocer is a fantastic spot for foodies to discover. Port Medway itself punches far above its weight in the culture department, being home to the Port Medway Readers’ Festival every summer since 2002. No trip to this charming village is complete without stopping in for lunch or dinner at the Port Grocer, with its sophisticated menu featuring fresh, local ingredients… and now our pickles!

Cottage Pantry

Mahone Bay, N.S.

Cottage Pantry is home to The Jam & Preserves Co. of Nova Scotia, run by Mike and Amelia Bishop of Helen B’s Preserves. This beautiful little shop is housed in an antique building on Main Street in Mahone Bay, one of Canada’s most scenic and oft-photographed towns. Pretty much any list of top ten prettiest spots features Mahone Bay, so it’s worth the drive from wherever you are! And Helen B’s Preserves are featured in just about every shop in Nova Scotia. At Cottage Pantry, you can get pantry essentials, decor for the cottage, and all kinds of locally-made artistic creations as well. We’re delighted to be part of their business.

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